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Wyoming Elk | General Permit & Area 7 Limited Entry

Archery Elk Hunts (General Permit and Limited Entry, Sept. 1 - 30)

We not only welcome, we encourage bow-hunters! Unlike many outfits, archery hunting isn’t a sideline hobby for us. This outfitter has been catering to bow-hunters for over 30 years. They are Wyoming’s true bow hunting professionals, specializing in exciting archery hunts for bugling bull elk. As veteran bow hunters, they have the experience and know-how needed for those close range stalks, productive stands and effective calling techniques necessary for a successful archery elk hunt. We have knowledgeable, experienced guides who understand bow hunting and work hard for our bow-hunter’s benefit. Most shooting opportunities occur from 15 to 20 yards, but due to our open terrain, opportunities from 30 to 40 yards are not uncommon.

Over the years, their archery elk hunts have produced over 90 percent shooting opportunities, and harvest success rates of over 75%. Trophy quality is good here and bulls scoring from 275 to 350 P&Y points have been taken by their hunters. Trophy antelope and/or mule deer may also be hunted in combination with archery elk on our general permit, private ranch elk hunts!

General Permit, Trophy Elk Hunts (Archery, Sept. 1 - 30, Rifle, Oct. 15 - 31)

These general permit, trophy elk hunts are conducted on several large, exclusive private ranch leases in south central Wyoming. Over 800 wild, free ranging elk, reside in their areas.   For many years, they have managed private ranch elk hunts with controlled minimum harvest restrictions, taking only good, mature bulls, solid 5x5’s and 6x6’s or better.   With an average of 18 to 20 rifle hunters per year, they have maintained annual shooting opportunity rates of over 90 percent, with actual harvest success rates of 85 to 90% for the past 25 years. Numerous years, our hunters have enjoyed 100% harvest success on mature bulls. 5x5’s and 6x6’s or better, often scoring from 275 to 300 Boone & Crockett points, with the occasional 325 to 350 monster bull are taken annually. Due to numerous back-roads and jeep trails on our ranches, they can access the majority of the backcountry with 4x4 vehicles, not horses, generally making this a relatively easier style of elk hunt.

There are 2 camps to choose from for the general permit elk hunts. The remote East camp is a deluxe wall tent camp, situated in the timbered foothills of the big mountains. The classic, high-country elk camp includes a cook tent and a large, separate dining tent, shower tent, porta-johns, and cozy two man bunk-houses with padded cots, propane heaters, lanterns, clothes racks, night stands and wash basins.

The West camp is a beautiful, 4500 sq. foot, rustic log lodge, with all the modern conveniences of home. At either camp excellent all-you-can-eat, home-style meals are prepared and served by our full time, professional cooks. These are excellent elk hunts suitable for most any hunter, and licenses are easily drawn with or without preference points. Trophy antelope may also be hunted in combination with our general permit elk hunts!

Limited Entry, Trophy Elk Hunts (Archery, Sept. 1 - 30, Rifle, Oct. 15 – Nov. 20)

Limited entry, “Area 7,” trophy elk hunts take place on large private ranches, located in the rugged high-country of central Wyoming. For many years, these tremendous areas have continued to produce outstanding opportunities for exceptional trophy bulls, from healthy, free ranging herds.   No high fences here! These are very exclusive private ranch hunts, limited to a maximum of six hunters per year. The remote, rugged mountains of these ranches provide superb habitat and a safe haven, allowing many genetically superior bulls to reach their full potential at maturity. They can access the majority of the country by 4x4 vehicles then spot-and-stalk from there, making it possible to cover many miles of rough country each day, in search of the bull elk of your dreams.   Horses may be used on some hunts as well.

These areas have produced numerous trophy bulls, 6x6’s and better, typically scoring from 300 to 325 Boone & Crockett points! Furthermore, with a little luck, there are very realistic possibilities of harvesting monster bulls in the 350 to 380 B&C class or better!   The hunter’s harvest success on these exceptional limited entry elk hunts has averaged 90 to 95%, over the past 20 years. Accommodations vary from comfortable cabins or deluxe tent camps, to convenient local motels near the ranches to be hunted. This is an awesome hunt, rifle or archery, perfect for the serious hunter wishing to have a truly legitimate chance to experience a memorable, successful, free ranging trophy elk hunt in Wyoming’s high-country. 

Most of the top limited entry elk licenses in Wyoming require five preference points or more to consistently draw, so it’s never too early or too late to start planning your ultimate elk hunt. Give us a call, and we would be happy to help you plan and manage your preference points for future hunts in Big Wyoming!   But, did you know --- You can come out each and every year and enjoy a great “general permit” elk hunt, while building points for the “limited entry” elk hunt of a life-time! Please ask us for the details about preference points, general licenses and other limited entry elk hunting opportunities!

Transportation/Getting there:  Hunters fly to Denver, Laramie, or Casper and rent a vehicle and drive a short and scenic drive to camp.

Detailed maps and directions will be provided to your hunt destination or meeting point.

Trophy Care, Meat Processing and Taxidermy

After a successful hunt your guide will expertly field dress and field cape your trophy for you. Meat processing is available locally. Processing fees vary from $100.00 for antelope or deer, up to $250.00 for elk, depending on the size/species of the animal and customer requests. If you do not wish to take your meat with you, arrangements can be made for people in need to receive it. However, under Wyoming state law, the hunter is still responsible to pay for the basic processing fees before donation.

Top quality taxidermy work are available locally. We recommend that hunters, particularly those that are flying out for their hunt, leave their trophies with our taxidermist to ensure the safe keeping of the cape and horns. After completion, the trophy mounts can then be shipped to the hunter in safe, sturdy crates. Taxidermy information, rates / fees available upon request, anytime.

Call for specific gear list.


General Permit Hunts:

6 Day Rifle Elk Hunt (Oct. 15-31) - $5950 per person

7 Day Archery Elk Hunt (Sept. 1-30) - $5,550 per person

3 Day Rifle Cow Elk Hunt (Sept. – Nov.) - $2450 per person

Limited Entry Hunts:

5 Day Rifle Elk Hunt (Oct. 15-Nov. 20) - $6550 per person

6 Day Archery Elk Hunt (Sept. 1-30) - $6550 per person


*Add a trophy antelope hunt to any elk hunt for - $1000

Note: 1x1 guiding is available for an additional $1000 per hunter


Dates:  Archery season runs from Sept. 1-30 and Rifle season runs from Oct. 15-31

Included:  all meals and lodging, 2x1 guiding, transportation during the hunt

Not Included:  airfare, airport transportation to the lodge, state meals and lodging tax ($5 per day), hunting license, processing of game taken, taxidermy, and tips/gratuities

Approximate license cost:  Elk tags range from $591 to $1121. Call for specific details.   Non-residents must purchase their tags prior to January 30 of the hunting year.

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