Zeiss Sport Optics

For over 100 years, ZEISS Sports Optics has been trusted in the field above all others by discerning sportsmen who demand more from their outdoor experience.

Every component, from the sophisticated optics and precision reticles to the elegant bodies, is a measured synthesis of intuitive design, legendary German engineering, and supreme craftsmanship. When you look at the world through ZEISS sports optics, you are not just getting closer to your subject, you are offered the pinnacle of the hunting experience. In low light, driving rains, or any other condition nature dares throw at you, ZEISS sports optics gives you the confidence and safety to ensure that no matter what you do outdoors, you never miss a single detail.





The Outdoor Underwriters team has more than 20 years experience in the outdoor insurance industry. We research, design, and implement programs specific to the needs of hunters, landowners and outdoor specific activities and operations. We are proud to say that our programs are designed and backed by certain underwriters at Lloyd's of London and we strive to stand above the competition by providing exceptional services, and unparalleled customer support.


JON KOHLER & ASSOCIATES - High Quality Recreational Real Estate Brokers & Plantation Advisors

Jon Kohler & Associates is a real estate brokerage, marketing, and advisor firm for those who share a common conservation and land stewardship ethic. We are the leading authority on plantations, ranches, and high quality propertiesrepresenting landowners in all seven plantation belts across Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama. 

CO-founder of OAW, CJ Brown was recruited to Kohler & Associates by two of the founding Land Leader partners Jon Kohler and Dax Hayden because of his extensive background in the outdoor industry and passion for land and wildlife conservation. "I am extremely excited to lead the expansion of the prestigious Jon Kohler & Associates brand into South Carolina and offer a new level of real estate advisory services to landowners in our state," said CJ. "This is a lifelong dream of mine. I am dedicated to creating lasting relationships and providing quality service."

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