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Alaskan Peninsula Moose

Description:  This outfitter hunts federally permitted lands on the Alaska Peninsula which encompass the Becharof National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska Peninsula Wildlife Refuge, and the Aniakchak National Preserve.

These areas are part of the Aleutian Mountain Range bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the north Gulf of Alaska on the east and the Bearing Sea on the west. The Brown Bears in the area will average 9.5' squared and Moose will average 65". However, 10' or better Bears and Moose with 70" heads are not uncommon. You will access the area by aircraft to traditional Alaskan tent camps with the most modern equipment.  From there you hunt in the shadows of the volcanoes where game populations thrive. 

The mountains are spectacular and the rivers and streams abound with fish, which constitute the largest wild stock Salmon spawning grounds on earth.  The sheer expanse and beauty of this country will make a lifelong impression.

This is a true wilderness hunt and hunters are encouraged to be in tip top shape and prepared for all of the elements.

Accommodations:  Tent camp accommodations for the duration of your hunt. 

Transportation/Getting there:  Hunters fly to their pickup location of King Salmon, Alaska from flights serviced out of Anchorage.  Due to the remoteness of the Alaskan Peninsula it will normally take one full day (from the time you arrive in King Salmon to the time you arrive at base camp or spike camp), to obtain license and tags, change into field clothes, repack your gear, complete contracts, and flights to your hunting location. 

You will usually fly to your camp from King Salmon in the afternoon or the evening.  This day is a necessary part of your hunt and is required by Alaska State law which prohibits hunting the same day you are flown out.  This will also give you the opportunity to obtain any last minute items you might need. 

Airline flights from Anchorage to King Salmon should be scheduled at least three hours after you arrive in Anchorage from the lower 48.  It is recommended that you allow time for an overnight in Anchorage and flying to King Salmon the following morning. 

Hunters arriving before the scheduled date or who are delayed due to bad weather will be responsible for all extra costs incurred including hotel rooms, meals and any activities undertaken.  Hunters departing after the scheduled date will be responsible for the same.

Contact us for suggested hotels and restaurants in Anchorage.

Trophy Expediting:  Your Antlers, Cape, Hide and Skull will be flown from main camp to King Salmon. ALL ANTLERS & CAPES WILL BE EXPEDITED.  They will be sent freight collect to the expediting service in Anchorage where they will be prepared for shipment out of state or overseas with all appropriate sealing certificates completed.  Next, they will be shipped to the taxidermist of your choice or to you on a ‘freight pre-paid’ basis.  This process takes time (UP TO THREE MONTHS) and it involves a tremendous amount of work on our part to make sure trophies are properly labeled and prepared for shipping.  Costs will vary according to shipping destination. 

You can request a cost estimate from Russell Knight at Knight's Taxidermy.  They are located at 7329 Arctic Blvd, Anchorage, Alaska 99518.  The phone number is (907) 344-5501.  Their fax number is (907) 868-3653.  You may e-mail them at or visit the Website at

Game Meat Policy:  All edible meat is removed from the field as required by State law.  Most of the meat is given to locally domiciled residents of the Alaska Peninsula.  Depending on circumstances and logistical considerations common to wilderness hunting, a hunter may be able to take home a small cooler or up to one 20# box of meat. We do not expedite meat or fish.

It is very important that you follow this gear list. Having the correct gear will ensure a more comfortable hunt.

Each individual should bring the following gear with them: 

  1. 1. Rain Gear - A complete set of top quality waterproof rain gear including a pair of bib overalls or loose fitting waist pants and preferably a ¾ length jacket; no 2. poncho style rain slickers as they are not suitable to wind and brush.  We will order these for you, pre-paid at approx. $145, if you don’t have them. We recommend Grundens Petrus 3/4 length coat and Grundens Petrus pants, available at Mack's Sports Shop (see below).
  2. 2. Hip Boots - One pair of good quality insulated hip boots that fit snugly with two pair of boot socks (one heavy and one medium).  We will order these for you, pre-paid at approx. $140, if you don’t’ have them. We recommend LaCrosse Big Chief Waders (600 Grams Thinsulate Insulated), available at Mack's Sports Shop (see below).
  3. 3. Sleeping Bag - One good quality sleeping bag (down fill, Primaloft or Hollo fill rated to 0 degrees F or more).
  4. 4. Parka - One cold weather field coat or parka with hood.  This coat should be as compactable as possible.  Thinsulate or Primaloft type insulation is good.
  5. 5. Hat - One stocking style hat and one bill hat; brown, green or camouflage are best.
  6. 6. Gloves - One pair of warm wool or fleece gloves and one pair of Atlas PVC insulated rubber gloves with removable liners, available at Mack's Sports Shop (see below).
  7. 7. Jacket - A polyester pile or polar fleece jacket – these are very good under rain gear as they keep moisture out and dry quickly, e.g. Sport Hill 3SP Jacket, Sitka Gear Celsius Jacket, etc.
  8. 8. Heavy Shirt - One wool or fleece field shirt.
  9. 9. Long Underwear - One set of Carol Davis Sportswear long underwear, one set of light weight merino wool long underwear.
  10. 10. Socks - Three pair of heavy wool and cotton boot socks and three pair of medium wool socks. Smartwool is recommended.
  11. 11. Pants - One pair of medium weight polyester or wool field pants. We recommend Sport Hill 3SP Pants or Filson wool pants.
  12. 12. Binoculars - One pair of Binoculars, 8x32 or 10x40 are recommended.
  13. 13. Headlamp - One flashlight, one head lamp, LED style (Petzle).
  14. 14. Waterproof Bags - One waterproof bag for camera, film and other personal items.
  15. 15. Space Blanket - One ‘thermal space blanket’, 6’x8’ or 8’x10’ – these make good ground cloths for sitting on while glassing.
  16. 16. Scope Covers - One set of scope covers; inner tube type is very good in brush.
  17. 17. Water Bottles - One Nalgene style water bottle, one water treatment bottle: 20-26 oz. Katodyn type.
  18. 18. Sleeping Pad - One Therma Rest Sleeping Pad or light weight good quality air mattress.
  19. 19. Hand and foot warmers - Catalytic hand and foot warmers.
  20. 20. Personal Items - Personal medications, bio-degradable soap, toiletries, baby wipes, toothbrush, razor, etc.
  21. 21. Back Pack - Top Quality Back-Pack, ruck or frame style – Discuss this with me personally.
  22. 22. Satellite Phone - This is optional. We have satellite phones in our camps, but they are usually not for personal use. If you need to make frequent personal/business phone calls, we recommend you buy or rent a satellite phone of your own, especially if you have any health concerns. Iridium is best 


Recommended caliber for Moose and/or Deer: 30.06, 300 Win or WBY Mag, .338 Win. Mag .375 H&H Mag


  • -DO NOT bring jumbo size duffle bags.  They will not fit in our aircraft.  It's preferable to use standard size rubber/waterproof duffle bags.
  • -DO NOT bring jumbo size gun cases.  They won't fit in our aircraft, either.
  • -DO NOT bring suitcases; travel as light and tight as possible.
  • -DO NOT bring a backpack that is too small for your day hunting gear. Larger is better and more comfortable.


Hip boots, proper raingear, and packs may be pre-purchased from the outfitter with two-month advance notice and payment: 

  • -Hip Boots: $140.00
  • -Rain Coat: $145.00
  • -Rain Pants: $120.00
  • -Backpacks: $240.00 to $600.00
  • -The outfitter can purchase other necessary items for you on request and will bill you accordingly.


Traveling gear (your home to camp) MUST BE limited to:

  • -2 duffle bags or 1 duffle bag & 1 pack: maximum combined weight of 80#
  • -one gun case - with enclosed soft case
  • -one hand carry

Rates:  11 Day Moose 1x1 Fully Guided Moose Hunt – Call for pricing.

Dates:  Moose season runs September 5 to 20 in the Becharof National Wildlife Refuge area and September 10 to 25 in the Alaska Peninsula Wildlife Refuge / Aniakchak National Preserve area.

Included:  meals and tent camp accommodations, service of professional guides, trophy prep of game taken

Not Included:  Airfare to King Salmon, AK, air charter to camp (approx. $1500), hunting license/tag, Federal Land Use fees (3%), non resident Hunter Preservation Fund ($150), tips/gratuities, expediting of trophy, and taxidermy

Approximate license cost:  Non-resident hunting license $135 and Moose tag is $400.  Wolf tags are available for $30.  Hunters will purchase licenses upon arrival into Alaska or the can be purchased online.  RCO will assist hunters in obtaining their licenses. 

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