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International Hunts

Tajikistan | Marco Polo & Mid Asian Ibex

Description:  Marco Polo Argali is one of the most prestigious and important trophies of all the wild sheep in the world. The population of Marco Polo Sheep is increased enormously and today its population is estimated around 30.000, distributed among the countries of Tajikistan, Kirgizia, Afghanistan and China.

Southeastern part of Tajikistan is most probably home to the healthiest Marco Polo population in the world. National field surveys indicate that country holds about 10.000 sheep while some others think that the actual number is a bit higher.

Tajikistan has the reputation of having produced the biggest rams in the SCI book. If your top priority as a mountain hunter is a high quality trophy, there is no alternative but booking your trip to Tajikistan. Here almost every season for the last couple of years, a few 60’’ class rams are collected by hunters. Due to the better genes that the Tajik argali population has and the pre-scouting done by the locals prior to hunt, Marco Polo hunting is more productive in terms of trophy quality than its neighboring Kyrgyzstan.

The population and density are so high that within a day time 300 to 1000 sheep can be spotted. In any case a hunter can see hundreds of sheep each day and have plenty of chances to harvest his ram of choice. Average rams of the Pamir reach a horn length of 137 - 145 cm (54"-55") and can grow up to 152-165 cm (70"-73").

Although Tajikistan has never been a major destination for the Mid-Asian (Tien Shan) Ibex , in the same camp, within the same hunting period, this specie can be hunted too combined with argali. The average size is around 100-105 cm (40"-42") while bigger ones can be collected. Our outfitter has a special camp for ibex where chances on a 50 inch ibex can be quite high.

Accommodations:  Camps are quite comfortable and could be accepted as luxurious compared to many other camps in Asia. Electricity is produced by generator and bathing facilities are available.

Transportation/Getting there:

Day by day itinerary of your hunt

As a general rule most of our hunts are completed in 2-3 days under normal conditions. But we recommend our hunters to reserve at least 6 days in case of bad weather conditions. A total of 10 days from/to Dushanbe enough time for this hunt. An example of your day by day itinerary could be as follows;

Day 01...........Arrival to Dushanbe. Custom formalities, transfer to Khorog 10 – 12 hours, stay overnight.

Day 02...........Transfer from Khorog to the hunting area, rest.

Day 03-08......Hunt Marco Polo ( 6 days)

Day 09...........Back to Khorog, stay overnight.

Day 10……..Back to Dushanbe, overnight or flight home.

Tajik Visa process

You are required to get a Tajik visa issued on your passport and the validity of your passport should be at least 6 months from your departure date which is crucial. 2 passport size photos and an invitation letter are required for this process.

We provide you an invitation letter once you send your passport to our head office, we take Tajik visa issued on your passport from Tajikistan Embassy in a week. You have also possibility to get it from the Tajik Embassy in your country.

Trophy treatment and Shipment 

The skin of the trophy is carefully treated, ears and lips are turned and salted and the scull are boiled and cleaned properly. Later, the trophy is carefully packed for shipment. After all papers are prepared which are necessary for the shipment, the shipment is sent to the address that is provided. Receiving your trophy may take a few months and shipment cost is around US$750 -1,000 depending on the address.

Call for suggested gear lists.


Marco Polo is at US $42,000,- up to 57,9” + trophy fees

US $7,500……….. 58-59,9” +

US $7,500…..…… 60” & over trophy.

Mid Asian Ibex is at US $5,500 as additional trophy if taken with Marco Polo. Wolf can also be collected at US $2,500 if opportunity arises.

Dates:  September through end of the year. Recommended that hunters arrive in October and November

Included:  visa invitation, custom handling, hunting organization up to mentioned days, one trophy fee of mentioned specie, hunting license, gun import permit for Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, area fees, transfers from/to Bishkek airport, full board accommodation in the hunting area, interpreter and local guide, Dushanbe airport handlings, assistance of English speaking representative 

Not Included:  International air fares, trophy shipment, insurance, gratuities, domestic flights if taken, extra trophy fee, hotel accommodation before/after the hunt, visa cost, personal expenses, overweight charged by airlines, dip & pack, and potential Observer fee – US $2,500/day

NOTE: Marco Polo is in CITES II. Although there is no requirement for European clients, all U.S. clients are required to apply for their import permits in advance by themselves and applications must be done to USFWS by May 1st.

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