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Whitetail & Blacktail Deer

Wyoming Whitetails | North Central

Description:  Simply stated these hunting areas hold lots and lots of whitetails.  A hunter should expect to see hundreds of deer on a hunt, sometimes in a single field in a single evening.  Operating on leases comprising over 250,000 acres, including over two dozen ranches, which are strictly managed for quality bucks and high game numbers.

The goal is to target whitetail bucks in the 4-6 year range. Most mature bucks have an extra point or two, with drop tines and split tines not uncommon.  The average whitetail scores 130 to 150 B&C.  The largest whitetail harvested in the past was over 190.  We are confident that on a standard hunt every client should see whitetail bucks in the 120- to 150-class range. This destination has been focused on quality deer management for years, and has consistently improved the age and trophy quality of harvested game.

Rifle hunting for whitetails begins October 1 and runs through the month of November.  The first month is spent pursuing big bucks that evaded harvest during the archery season.  Lots of scouting and the predictability of whitetail routines ensures great success at this time of year. Rutting activity kicks in about the first of November and is intense.  Bucks chasing does and bucks fighting, rubbing and scraping are commonly seen on these later hunts.  Sightings of 10-50 bucks each day is standard fare on all whitetail hunts.

A lower cost alternative to the standard spot and stalk hunt is our whitetail rifle stand hunt.  The stand hunts are guided four hunters to one guide.  We have lots and lots of stand locations and use tree stands, ladder stands, hay bale blinds and Double Bull ground blinds.  We pre-scout natural travel routes that the deer are using.  We hunt both the pre-rut and the rut – there are definite advantages to both times – earlier the individual deer are more patternable and later the deer travel more.  This is a great alternative to Canadian hunting – no Customs or out of country travel required, lower cost with comparable trophy quality, and best of all, no all day sites in the excruciating cold! There is no reason to expect less than 100% harvest of mature bucks on these hunts.

Accommodations: The lodge is located 10 miles South of Sheridan, Wyoming, and offers great Big Horn Mountain views from the porch.  This newly constructed facility has seven bedrooms (bunk bed style camp) on two levels complete with all traditional amenities such as a large mudroom, bathrooms, showers, washer/dryer, television, and phone. The lodge is fully outfitted and there is no need to bring bedding or towels.  The cook provides the fixings for breakfast, lunch, and prepares a hearty evening meal every day.

Transportation/Getting there: Fly to Sheridan, Wyoming, which is serviced by flights out of Denver, Colorado.  Destination staff greets clients at the Sheridan, Wyoming airport and transports you to the lodge.

Sample Itinerary:

-Day 1 Fly to Sheridan, Wyoming around noon where you’ll be picked up by the lodge staff and transported to the lodge.  Hunt begins that afternoon.

-Day 2-4 Hunt for Whitetails

-Day 5 Depart camp for your return trip home


  • Hunting license
  • Your firearm
  • TSA approved hard-shell airplane lockable gun-case
  • Soft-sided gun case
  • Ammunition for firearm (2 boxes or 40 rounds)
  • Shooting sticks
  • Comfortable hunting boots
  • Heavy and light socks
  • Full camouflage clothing including face-mask
  • Florescent orange hat
  • Stocking cap
  • Camouflage Gloves
  • Rain gear
  • Heavy and light hunting jacket
  • Long underwear
  • Binoculars
  • Rangefinder
  • Flashlight
  • Headlamp
  • Hunting knife
  • Camera
  • Camp Slippers/shoes
  • Comfortable camp shirt and pants
  • Insect repellant


Personal Items:

  • Ear plugs
  • Toiletries and personal affects
  • Medical prescriptions & pain relievers
  • Glasses/Contacts
  • Sunglasses
  • Lip balm & sunscreen


5 Days/6 Nights, 2x1 Fully Guided Spot and Stalk Rifle - $4500 per person

5 Days/6 Nights, 2x1 Fully Guided Archery - $3950 per person

5 Days/6 Nights, 4x1 Fully Guided Rifle Stand Hunt - $3950 per person

3 Day 2x1 Fully Guided Maximum Doe Harvest Hunt (up to 4 doe) - $2000 per person

*Antelope can be added to this hunt for an additional fee

Dates: Archery season begins September 1st and Rifle season begins October 1st

Included: All meals and lodging (5 days/6 nights), 2x1 guiding, airport transportation, and transportation during the hunt

Not Included: Airfare to Sheridan, WY,hunting licenses, processing of game taken, taxidermy, and tips/gratuities

Approximate license cost: $326 deer tag, conservation stamp $12, optional antelope tag -$286, call for information on doe hunting tag/license fees

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