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Colorado Elk

Description:  For a limited number of sportsmen, big game hunting is the reason they come to this Colorado Ranch. The ranch is known for its trophy free-range elk and mule deer herds. You may find elk in the 320+ B&C class and mule deer in the 200 B&C class on the property, and a choice of seasons to suit your fancy.  Whether you prefer high elevation, early season archery, or mid through late season rifle, this ranch has plenty of big game opportunities for you.  Bear hunting coincides with a few of the earlier elk and deer seasons, and combination hunts are available.

At the Ranch you’ll find a perfect combination of elk habitats.  From aspens to oakbrush and mountain shrubs to dark green timber, we’ve got it all on one ranch. You’ll find them at the higher elevations, which you’ll hunt early in the season.  As the weather turns cold and the snow flies, the herds move to lower elevations on our ranch.  In October and November you’ll find them in the pinyon-juniper and sagebrush flats at lower elevations. With over 300 square miles of permitted and deeded acres you’ll find elk during the summer and fall transition periods and leading into the winter.

In addition to increasing our habitat work, this destination has continued to reduce the number of hunters allowed each year. Only mature animals are harvested, and a tremendous amount of work with state wildlife agencies has been conducted. They are focused on improving forage quantity and quality as well as increased mowing and aerating so as to improve overall herd health. The goal is to allow animals to reach their maximum genetic potential so hunters consistently see deer in the 200 B&C class and elk in the 350 B&C class.

Choose from several different styles of hunts, each one specifically catering to a different type of sportsman. Each year, a limited number of hunters is allowed to pursue trophy elk and mule deer. Cow elk and management buck hunts are popular, too, and are an affordable way to participate in big game season at the ranch. Colorado’s Western Slope is home to one of the largest free-range elk and mule deer herds in the country.

Of special interest is the High Ranch Camp. The ranch is a perfect opportunity for archery and muzzleloader hunters to hunt September’s bugle and rut as well as the early rifle season. Four tags, four hunters, with access to some of the best spots on the ranch. The herd is as good as it gets. We have other camps spread throughout our 300 square miles, so give us a call and let’s get you booked. 

Ask us about our combination elk/deer hunts.

Accommodations:  At the ranch accommodations are plentiful and five star quality.  Located about 30 miles from Grand Junction, and offering excellent views of the Rockies from all lodging options.  This destination is perfectly positioned to accommodate large corporate groups and also intimate small groups.  With a mix of luxurious cabins, ranch houses, and unique high country escapes there is something for everyone.

Transportation/Getting there:  Fly to Grand Junction, Colorado and either rent a vehicle for transport to the lodge or pre-arrange for airport pickup ($200 per group or family of four or less)

Sample Itinerary:  Please contact us for a sample itinerary of your hunt

Every hunt begins with a warm up.  Our Big Game rifle and Black Powder hunters are assisted by our range master to have their weapons sighted in to confirm shooting condition and accuracy. Bow hunters can tune up on our expansive 3-D archery course.  Beginner classes are available for new shooters and seasoned veterans enjoy a few tips from our expert instructors.

Elk Hunts

  • Hunting license
  • Your firearm or bow
  • TSA approved hard-shell airplane lockable gun-case
  • Soft-sided gun case
  • Ammunition for firearm (2 boxes or 40 rounds) or arrows (12 arrows)
  • Shooting sticks
  • Comfortable hunting boots
  • Heavy and light socks
  • Full camouflage clothing including face-mask
  • Florescent orange hat
  • Daypack with water bottle
  • Stocking cap
  • Gloves
  • Rain gear
  • Heavy and light hunting jacket
  • Long underwear
  • Binoculars
  • Rangefinder
  • Flashlight
  • Headlamp
  • Hunting knife
  • Elk calls
  • Camera
  • Camp Slippers/shoes
  • Comfortable camp shirt and pants
  • Insect repellant


Personal Items:

  • Ear plugs
  • Toiletries and personal affects
  • Medical prescriptions & pain relievers
  • Glasses/Contacts
  • Sunglasses
  • Lip balm & sunscreen


5 Days/6 Night Fully Guided 1x1 Trophy Elk - $10,500

5 Days/6 Nights Fully Guided 2x1 Cow Elk - $2750

All rates are per person

The management practice in place is that elk to be harvested will be 320″ or larger Boone and Crocket class and mule deer will be 180″ or larger Boone and Crocket class. We are dedicated to ensuring a high-quality and sustainable future. By allowing younger animals to reach a mature age class and their genetic potential, we will provide a quality trophy hunt with an ever-improving class of trophies.


Trophy Elk: All meals and lodging, one-on-one guiding, landowner vouchers if necessary, skinning, caping, and delivery of meat to processor

Cow Elk:  All meals and lodging, two-on-one guiding, skinning, caping, and delivery of meat to processor

Not Included: Airfare to Grand Junction, Colorado, transportation to the ranch (airport pickup can be arranged),hunting licenses, processing of game taken, tips/gratuities (15%), sales tax, and taxidermy

Approximate license cost: TBD

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