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Mule Deer

Alberta Mule Deer and Whitetails

Description: The Peace River Region of northwestern Alberta has long been recognized as an excellent location for hunting the large bodied, heavy, dark antlered bucks of Alberta. The abundance of feed produced by local agricultural operations and the large tracts of timbered, vacant woodlands provides ideal habitat for our whitetail and mule deer herds. Early season hunts are targeting deer that are still in their summer/early fall feeding and traveling routines. Stalk, stand, and still hunt Alberta bucks at feed sources, bedding areas, watering holes and natural mineral licks. Once rut activities start kicking in stand hunting feed sources and travel routes and stalk hunting the areas frequented by the does is the key to harvesting a large Alberta buck.

Archery Alberta Whitetail Deer and Mule Deer Bow-hunting:

These hunts begin in late August, giving the bow hunter an opportunity to hunt deer that are still in their regular summer/early fall feeding patterns. This is the season to stalk an Alberta mule deer buck in the yellow flowered canola fields were they like to feed and bed!

General Season Alberta Whitetail Deer Hunting & Alberta Mule Deer Hunting:

Archery hunters and rifle hunters can hunt from mid September to the end of November. Hunting at this time includes stand hunting, calling, rattling, spot & stalk hunting; whatever it takes! Hunting methods are dictated by the time of the season and what the whitetail and mule deer are responding to at that time. We use tree stands along travel routes or field edges where does are frequenting. Heated ground blinds may also be used in these locations.

This outfitter offers guaranteed tags and quality guided whitetail deer hunts and mule deer hunts. They maintain an honest interest and offer personalized "hands on" service

Accommodations: All big game hunts offered by this outfitter are operated out of their base camp. Sleeping accommodations are in a wooden framed, aluminum sided, multi-room bunkhouse. Each room has wooden framed beds with mattresses, forced air heating, and comfortably sleeps 2-3 clients. The washhouse has hot/cold running water with shower, sink, and flush toilet.

The dining and kitchen units are canvas tents over wooden frames and floors, complete with microwave, television, DVD, and VHS. Just about like home! They have electrical service in all units. Camp options on some hunts include overnight or weeklong excursions to remote tent camps.

Transportation/Getting there:  Clients have several travel options including:

1. Fly into Edmonton, Alberta and rent a vehicle for the approx. 4.5 hour drive into our camp on paved, well maintained roads.

2. Fly into Grande Prairie, Alberta and rent a vehicle for the 1.0 hour drive into camp or have us pickup and return you to the Grande Prairie airport.

3. Arrive in camp on your scheduled arrival dates with your personal vehicle so you can conveniently return home with trophies and processed wild meat.

*When making travel plans check with UniGlobe Geo Travel at or call 1-877-669-3270 and ask about the "Group Travel" or "Alberta Outfitter" packages.

Gear and Weather:  Your personal hunting gear will vary on the season and species you are hunting. In Alberta, there is no requirement to wear high-visibility clothing (such as red or blaze orange) while hunting. Contact us to discuss details.

The base camp hunts include all bedding, towels, non-personal toiletries, etc. Spike camps will require you to purchase or bring a sleeping bag & pillow. The old saying "if you don't like the weather now, wait 10 minutes, it will change" definitely applies to Alberta weather! You should always be prepared for the worst. We recommend contacting us prior to your departure to review current and forecast weather situations.


Hunting license
Your firearm
TSA approved hard-shell airplane lockable gun-case
Soft-sided gun case
Ammunition for firearm (2 boxes or 40 rounds)
Shooting sticks
Comfortable hunting boots
Heavy and light socks
Full camouflage clothing including face-mask
Florescent orange hat
Stocking cap
Camouflage Gloves
Rain gear
Heavy and light hunting jacket
Long underwear
Hunting knife
Camp Slippers/shoes
Comfortable camp shirt and pants
Insect repellant

Personal Items:

Ear plugs
Toiletries and personal affects
Medical prescriptions & pain relievers
Lip balm & sunscreen

Rates:  5 Day/6 Night Hunt - $5250 per person (2x1 guiding)

*Non hunting guests approx. $150/day

Dates:  Late August through the end of November

Included: meals and lodging, guiding 2x1 (1x1 available), transportation during the hunt, trophy prep of game taken, and licensing for wolf and coyote.

Not Included:  Firearms declaration fees (approx. $50 due at customs), licenses and tags (approx. $550), allocations and taxes, airfare/transportation to camp, taxidermy, and tips/gratuities

Approximate license cost: Non-resident tags are approximately $550 per person. Hunters must register for an Alberta WIN Card (approx. $8) to be eligible for a hunting license.

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